Staff Profile: Brent B

  2016-03-30 at 10:32 am

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Staff Profile: Brent B.

by Jane Marshall 

Position: Hard Goods, Edmonton West
Date Started: 2007

You could say Brent was drawn to Campers Village by forces beyond his control. Nine years ago he was driving by the store for the first time and was pulled in like a magnet. What he saw inside was everything he loved: gear for hiking, camping, tenting, and fishing. Fast forward to 2016 and Brent is still there, infusing the hard goods department with his personal outdoor experience.

Brent is known as a resident expert. He lived in Banff for 10 years, scaled over 30 peaks, hiked most trails in Jasper National Park, and thinks nothing of hiking his float tube 6 kilometres up a steep trail to go fly fishing.

Brent’s been in sales for a good portion of his life. His family ran a tour business chartering flights to Hawaii and California and he worked there as a travel agent for years before coming to Edmonton. “It was a family business, and Campers Village is a family business. We all help each other so it feels similar,” he says.

“I find it fun to be at work. Customers are pleased to be in the store. We get to mix with them, know their needs, and help them out.”

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Field Tested

Brent is most comfortable in the mountains—or on top of them, to be exact. He’s been hiking and camping since he was 19 years old and has seen the evolution of outdoor gear firsthand.

“When I started out I had a poor tent and got hypothermia. I’ve also had bad boots and a bad backpack. I often joke I’ve taken the pain out of camping for the average customer because I know what doesn’t work and help them find what does. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have good equipment. There’s real quality in the merchandise at Campers; it won’t fail people in the outdoors.”

For Brent, his current focus is going light. Light packing, light gear. This summer his goal is to solo scramble either Mount Yamnuska or Mount Roche in Jasper and sleep on top, so lightweight is key.

Brent recommends hiking with a reflective blanket in case of emergencies. He also recommends eating macaroni and cheese in the backcountry. “There’s nothing like hiking in 50-60 miles and eating a package of that.”

“When I’m out there I’m totally relaxed. I’m in my element. I’m happy.”

By Jane Marshall