Adventures at Assiniboine Lodge

  2016-02-22 at 09:29 am

by Chelsey Marques

Campers Village and Marmot partnered together to run a staff contest this past October. The ultimate prize- a helicopter ride up to Mount Assiniboine and a two night stay at the Assiniboine Lodge. Chelsey M from Edmonton West was the lucky winner of the contest and this is her experience from the trip.

I won a Heli ride to a lodge to ski tour and snow shoe in the backcountry with my best friend??! Yes please!!

The helicopter ride was very exciting and getting so close to some of the mountain peaks reminded me how small I am. Once we touched down we saw this beautiful lodge and little cabins in a valley. It was the most amazing view. You would not get tired of looking at the beauty of the mountains that surround you, especially on a clear day. 

This was the first trip to the back country for both Krystal and I and it was quite the experience. For ski touring, it's no joke when they say you earn your turns after the steep inclines! Running into trees and falling under them is what I earned... There was a lot of powder and trees close together! 

The staff at the Assiniboine Lodge were very friendly and super welcoming, continually checking in that everything was ok. They were always interested to hear what activity we were going to do that day and then how it went afterward. It was a great group of easy going and funny people which definitely added to the experience.

The food was delicious and every meal was completely different. Everything was prepared so nicely. I really enjoyed the experience of eating with other guests and sharing stories about our daily adventures with each other over dinner.

There is something special and magical about being in the backcountry that you can't find at a ski resort. Being in untouched nature amongst so many mountain ranges at Assiniboine Lodge is something you can't totally describe but when you're there, you feel it. 

I love being outside and in nature. I love getting away from the loud city and people and coming to the quietude in the back country with the faint sounds nature shares with us. 

I would definitely go back to Assiniboine Lodge because it's an amazing place, full of fun and adventures. Thanks so much for the awesome experience Marmot and Campers Village! 

By Chelsey Marques