Staff Profile: Dwayne H.

  2016-02-16 at 09:33 am

Staff Profile: Dwayne H.

by Jane Marshall 

Position: Hard Goods, Campers Village Calgary
Date Started: 2013

Staff member Dwayne H. has loved cross country skiing his whole life. “And now I’m the old fart at Campers Village,” he jokes. I’m in my sixties and retired from my normal job, so I have a choice of where I want to be and what I want to do. And I choose to spend time at Campers with people who love the outdoors.”

Dwayne took up the sport at age 16, was an avid racer in the 1970s, and still loves gliding along the trails near Lake Louise and on Shaganappi Golf Course which is track set in winter.

“I raced fairly competitively and participated in biathlons. And I still ski as much as possible,” he says.

At Campers Village Dwayne spends his time in hard goods and the cross country ski section sharing his knowledge with anyone from beginner skiers looking for their first pair to advanced veterans.

Dwayne jokes that if Campers didn’t hire him, they’d lose one of their best customers. As a skier/cyclist/canoeist/hiker, he owns a lot of gear. Since his wife was formerly a teacher, they’d take summers for adventures, like riding from Calgary to Mexico or throughout Europe. The couple was also on the first national mountain biking team to compete in the world championships in the 1990s.

Of course these passions translate into a lot of gear.

If you look inside Dwayne’s garage you’ll find carefully organized clear bins holding outdoor treasures such as tents and sleeping bags. In fact he built a second garage to house his hoard. He even has a colour code system—a trait he learned in his former work in the manufacturing business. But it serves him well. When it’s time to get outside, he can pack fast.

Cross Country Ski Advice

Dwayne’s ready to get you skiing. And he says it all starts with the feet. He’ll get you properly fitted with boots and from there, finding skis and poles is easy. Beginners can use waxless skis to keep life simple. “The technology is so good now that today’s $100 ski is better than what we used to race on. We have packages for under $300 that are great value.” If the sky is the limit, Dwayne can set you up with ultralight gear to help your skis sing through the snow.

Final Thoughts

“I love sharing the joy of being outside and active. It’s neat to be at the age where I can choose where I want to be.”

By Jane Marshall