Staff Profile: Selina R.

  2016-01-29 at 15:45 pm

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Staff Profile: Selina R.

By Jane Marshall 

Position: Hard and Soft Goods, Cashier Edmonton South
Date Started: September 2015

Four walls and a roof can’t hold Selina Rawe in. She’s a self-professed troublemaker who prefers the outdoors. She funnels her cheeky energy into over 300 hours of volunteer work annually with the Edmonton Regional Search and Rescue Association and the Search and Rescue Association of Alberta.

“I’m a responder and team leader,” explains Selina. “I’ve been all over the province doing this work. One of my mottos is that I discover Alberta one overturned leaf at a time.”

Selina’s work involves finding people who’ve become lost—hunters, those with dementia—and on a darker but important side finding remains and evidence in police cases. ERSARA is tasked by the RCMP and Edmonton and Calgary Police and she’s on call 24/7/365.

“One of my girlfriends got involved and thought I’d love it. And I did.”Selina performs about 20 searches yearly and trains extensively. She’s often in remote locations scouring wooded areas, walking over logs, or on her hands and knees searching for clues on the earth. “I have no problem in the woods. I’m more scared in the city,” she says.

She has grown children now but when she was young she’d cry when she had to come indoors. “There’s something outside that I’ve always enjoyed.”

Outdoor Activities

Selina loves hiking, downhill and cross country skiing, tobogganing, swimming, geocaching, winter camping, and scrambling. She also loves roller coasters. When she’s camping she prefers not to bring a tent and instead uses a tarp or builds a lean-to.

custom imageStay Safe

Often the people she finds are those who think they’re invincible or have something unexpected happen—like a sprained ankle—and find they aren’t equipped for a night outdoors.

Selina’s Tips:

·   Prepare for the unexpected
·   Tell someone where you're going
·   Take a snack, water, and a cell phone even on short walks

Loving Campers Village

“I’m not sure how to best impart this, but I’m passionate about working at Campers Village,” she says. “It’s amazing. Work feels like a school day because there’s so much to learn from my fellow co-workers. I like to help people find proper equipment, to guide them, and to make sure they’ll be dressed appropriately for the outdoors.”

Watch this video to learn more about Selina’s volunteering. The ERSARA folks are the ones in orange pants and blue jackets:

By Jane Marshall