Staff Profile: Daylin J.

  2016-01-06 at 11:13 am

Staff Profile: Daylin J.
By Jane Marshall 

Position: Hard and Soft Goods, Edmonton West
Date started: September 2015

Meet Daylin. She’s an 18 year old musician/runner/go getter who wants to be outdoors and around those who love it. That’s why she applied to work at Campers Village.

“At Campers everyone’s interested in the outdoors. You learn from others. I love being at work because the people I’m with are a joy to be around. Not everyone enjoys their job so much. The staff at Campers is super welcoming and friendly.”

Daylin knows that when you want to learn, immersion is best. So she dove right in. She was especially interested in learning more about new outdoor activities and the technical gear that goes with them. 

Hiking and cross country running are her favourite activities.

“I love to work out. When I run, I get a good release and it’s relaxing. Especially outside in nature. I like the Chickakoo Lake Recreation Area. I incorporate burpees at the top of every hill.” Daylin likes to run in solitude, surrounded by the natural world. “Running is something just for me where I can take time out of my day to not worry about anything else. Some like drawing, or other activities, but running is the thing that boosts my mood.”

Though warm weather activities are her favourite, she’s learning about how to get outdoors in winter. “You can buy technical clothing pieces to make it more comfortable, spikes for your runners—I’m learning about all these ways to help you advance in whatever your interests are.” Next on her list is snowshoeing so she can enjoy the river valley in the snowy months.

For the Love of Hiking

Last summer she hiked into the famous Skoki Lodge near Lake Louise. “It was quite a hike, and amazing to be surrounded by such views. It was a wonderful accomplishment to be able to complete a trip like that,” she says. Her trail advice: Make sure to enjoy every minute during a trip because the time seems to pass so quickly.

Travel Bug

Germany calls. For Daylin, it’s the history and scenery (as well as friends who were transfer students who inspired her travel longings). More locally, she wants to hike to the Ink Pots, seven cold mineral pools that bubble up from below through a bed of quicksand that are situated in a sublime alpine meadow.

Her favourite gear item is a Merrell Gore-Tex jacket. “I’d never had Gore-Tex before working at the store. It’s really cool because the whole jacket is waterproof. Even the zippers!”

By Jane Marshall