Staff Profile: Steven S

  2015-12-04 at 15:11 pm

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Staff Profile: Steven S.

By Jane Marshall

Date Started: 2008
Position: Footwear Associate, Campers Village Calgary

Honest and forthright. That’s the advice you’ll receive from Steven Senechal at the Campers Village footwear wall. As you gaze at the huge selection, Steven will help you narrow things down to what really matters. And we’re not just talking about footwear.

He's an outdoor wise man, to be precise. Decades of outdoor experience—mountain and road biking, backpacking, hiking, living in Jasper in his early twenties—shine through his interactions with customers. Steven knows humans need time outside to know true peace because it’s where he finds his.

“Human beings have a connection to nature that’s beyond just physical,” reflects Steven. “We know in our souls that life isn’t just about technology.”

Campers Village is where he finds happiness and meaning. “I’ve made some sacrifices in life to be in retail because it’s so important. I see that chasing money isn’t making people happier. The frustration bubbling up. I wouldn’t want to be caught up in that. And so I’ve managed to maintain my soul.”

It was in Jasper where Steven really fell in love with the mountains. “We live in an ocean of mountains and at some point you realize you can’t discover it all. That’s the wonder of it—it’s endless.” He also loves backpacking in the badlands because of its unique desert terrain.

Steven loves biking, raced for years, and competed in 24 Hours of Adrenalin. “If feels like I’m in Star Wars, zooming through the trees, hoping I don’t plant myself against one. It’s exhilarating.” Last summer he did a six week road bike trip throughout Western Canada.

Sharing Wisdom

As outdoor enthusiasts know, learning to have fun and be safe in the outdoors is like an oral lineage handed down through generations. Steven’s advice: “Find a sage you can go to for wisdom. It will save you grief. You can make your own mistakes of course, but look to others and use their experience as a resource—especially with things like avalanche and highway safety.”

“I feel a moral imperative to share. I’m the guy that speaks his mind. Customers come to the footwear wall and get the unvarnished truth. I think that’s hard to find in this world.”

The Campers Family

Steven’s loyalty stems from the company’s core values. “In a world driven by the bottom line, we are about giving our customers the best experience without diluting it.”

“We’re locals who have an attachment to the mountains, badlands, lake country, to our natural areas,” says Steven. He’s proud Campers Village is still a boutique, generational store whose owners have been involved their whole lives. “That’s integrity.”

The Footwear Experience

“Come in and be awed,” says Steven of the footwear department. He’ll help you narrow down your options, assess your foot and fit, and get you decked out in the perfect pair.

By Jane Marshall