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How to buy a Backpack

What size?

Does the pack offer the storage required for your excursion? Shorter trips will usually require less than 50 lbs of gear therefore a day pack or midsize pack would be a great fit. If you’re planning to carry more than 50lbs, you’ll need the added support of an expedition pack, or a highly specialized midsize pack. See below for more suggestions when choosing your pack.

Day Packs

  • 15 – 35 liter capacity.
  • No frame, minimal support.
  • Comfortable feel for light weight, short excursions.

Midsize Packs

  • 35 – 55 liter capacity.
  • Have support frame, pockets, and compartments for gear.
  • Good for multi day hikes, or short hikes if you take a lot of gear (cameras and books).

How does it fit?

A well fit backpack is key. If you’re buying a pack as a gift, make sure you tell the recipient to come back to the store so we can properly fit them. At that time the pack can also be exchanged if it’s found the original gift isn’t suited for the recipient’s body type.

You’ll want to ensure a pack is fitted correctly to your body, which is why it’s best to buy your pack in person. By visiting the store and trying on different shapes and sizes, you’ll be able to find a pack best fit to your body and excursion type.