Events & Promotions


Wild Animal Awareness & Wilderness Safety
June 22nd-
Campers Village Edmonton South (3235 Calgary Trail) 7:00pm

When exploring in wild animal territory, it’s important to know how to keep yourself—and the animals—safe. Join us Thursday June 22nd at Campers Village South Edmonton for Wild Animal Awareness & Wilderness Safety with Connie & Ingo from Wild by Nature. This free session will teach you what to do if you encounter a wild animal and other tips on staying safe in the wilderness.

Connie & Ingo are highly skilled and certified Wilderness Living Instructors. In the summer, they lead courses on anything from wilderness living to mountaineering, and in the winter they teach stand up paddleboarding in Costa Rica. Connie & Ingo are well seasoned outdoor experts and are sure to deliver an entertaining and informative evening. Register Now!


No Trace Camping with Parks Canada
June 22nd-
Campers Village Calgary (7208 Macleod Trail) 7:00pm

Free entry to the National Parks this summer doesn't mean you're free to do whatever you want. It is more important than ever to practice Leave No Trace camping and hiking during Canada's 150th anniversary. Join us Thursday June 22nd at Campers Village Calgary for a free in-store talk on no trace camping and hiking with Parks Canada.

The evening will be hosted by Stephanie Zyvatkauskas from the Banff Field Office. She will focus on topics such as the importance of packing out garbage, being aware of proper hiking practices so you don't disturb flora or fauna and leaving our national parks in a state that can be enjoyed by generations to come. Register Now!